About Us

We use innovative and proprietary lead generation systems to provide the highest quality franchise leads.


ExecLeads was founded with the goal of helping corporate professionals achieve their dreams of business ownership.

The founders saw the opportunity to make a difference as the economic and financial recession began.


From the humble beginnings of a bootstrapped budget, apartment office, and a unique idea, the business has grown into America’s premier franchise lead generation company.

The process and methods have changed with a consistent pursuit of improvement, but the commitment to providing the most qualified leads remains the same.

The Difference

Our process is the difference.

For the past 15 years, we have utilized innovative and strategic methods to capture the highest quality leads in the market. Our proprietary processes have been improved and honed for over a decade, which has allowed us to scale the process for maximum efficiency.

Behind every lead is marketing, qualification, development, our signature call verification, and educating the potential franchisee on the services and benefits a franchise consultant provides. This means our leads save you time so you can sell more franchises.

Our Mission

To provide our clients and prospective franchisees with the solutions they need for a better life.

We believe we have an obligation to our leads - to provide a world-class experience that allows them to make the best possible choice for their future.

We are honored to have our prospective franchisees entrust us with a highly personal decision and are committed to offering a robust portfolio of proven and successful franchise options.